Bespoke Packing & Crate Making

Soft Packing for Export

Hedley's Group packing teams select only the best materials to be made into custom packaging, shadow boxes and portfolios for securing and shipping valuable artworks or delicate objects in transit.

Whether shipping by land, sea or air, Hedley's Group packers understand the items they move. 

Small or large, old or new, every item gets the protection it needs. All staff undergo rigorous training to ensure packing is always carried out carefully and expertly. Export packing requires special know-how and we provide bespoke packing for all types of load.


Polythene is waterproof, smooth and transparent. An item wrapped in polythene will maintain the relative humidity in which it has been stored or exhibited reducing the risk of a change in the water content of the item due to outside fluctuations in temperature.

The moisture contained in a typical painting, particularly one that is in a wooden frame, can easily be a thousand times greater than the water in the surrounding air.

The optional addition of 5ply kraft paper or microfaom provides further firm protection and cushioning during handling and transportation 

Soft Tyvek®

Soft Tyvek® is a non-abrasive, gas permeable, non-dusting, water resistant, inert material that is excellent for lining cavities and covering foam pads.

This is an expensive material that offers some advantages over other lining materials. It is non-woven, and does not have exposed fibers that can easily catch on fragile surfaces. Its durability allows it to be used against heavy items that may pitch or slide against its surface. 

There are some limitations in that its texture is not suitable for all surfaces. Best used on highly lacquered items.

Kraft vs Micro Foam

Hedley's Group professional packers use two additional materials as a base for packing.

The kraft paper we use is 5ply which provides a reasonably firm protection during handling and transportation.

There is a small risk of condensation as kraft paper is slightly absorbent.

The micro-foam we use protect delicate items for shipment and storage is shock-absorbing polyethylene foam.

Clean, non-abrasive, lightweight and waterproof.


Hedley's Group packers use single-wall or triwall card which is otherwise termed as 1 ply or3ply.  Card provides reasonably firm protection during handling and transport. 

The addition of kraft paper or micro-foam to this packaging suitable for containerized exports.

There is a small risk of condensation as card is slightly absorbent.


Hedley's Group bubble wrap provides cushion protection during handling and transport.

In addition to tissue paper and card this packaging is suitable for containerized exports.

There is little risk of condensation as bubble wraps non-absorbent. Not to be used on highly lacquered items unles there is a further layer of tyvek underneath as there is a risk of the bubbles leaving a mark.

Tissue | Newsprint

Hedley's Group tissue paper & newsprint is acid proof and provides cushion protection during handling and transportation.

Hedley's Group professional packers use tissue in a variety of ways includin the formation of "French curls" as well as "tissue balls" for cavity packing.

There is a small risk of condensation as tissue paper is slightly absorbent.

One-Way Crates

  • Suited for economical one-way transport and short-term storage
  • Heat-treated IPPC ISPM 15 lumber suitable for export transporting by air and sea. 
  • Extra thick battens placed only at corners ensure sturdy construction and reduce shipping volume overall
  • Strong enough for international transport

Two-Way Crates

  • Shell constructed of battened ACX
  • Interior packing can be equal in quality to a travel crate or scaled back as safety of the object and budget permit
  • Used in conjunction with an inner case can provide a higher degree of protection. 
  • Exterior finish upgrades such as bolt closures are also available

Museum Crates

  • Suited for extended traveling shows, high-end artworks, long-term storage, or where inclement weather is a factor
  • All contents cushioned in optimal foam protection
  • Exterior painted and lacquered for moisture control incl lid gaskets and bolts for consistent air-tight seal on every leg of a touring exhibition

Domestic & International

Hedley's Group freight forwarding teams are carefully selected from the world's leading fine art shippers and packers, chosen for their wealth of experience and knowledge of their subject.​​ 

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Storage & Warehousing

Goods arriving at Hedley's Group storage facilities are rigorously inspected, double checked, documented and added to an online photographic inventory system.

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