Storage & Warehousing

Climate Control

All goods arriving to Hedley's Group storage facilities are rigorously inspected, double checked, documented and added to your online photographic inventory system.

Fluctuations in temperature can seriously damage artworks, antiques, textiles and musical instruments. Additionally, high and low humidity levels create their own problems such as mold and mildew growth and even adverse chemical reactions on variety of unique and valuable objets d’art.​

With this in mind clients collections are housed within private vaults and each location is staffed by trained art handlers experienced in managing valued collections. And with our network of ten locations we are able to offer a variety of solutions tailored to client requirements for storage term, accessibility and scale. 

Warehousing & 3PL Logistics

When you need dedicated warehouse space and operations, an experienced 3PL partner can lower costs and improve efficiencies by managing it for you.

Hedley’s Group offers the logistics process of receiving products and shipping it out the same day or overnight without putting it into storage. This practice reduces the need for storage space and moves product quickly.

Hedley’s Group cross-docking is especially helpful when your product needs to be sorted into smaller distribution areas or combined with products from other manufacturers to be shipped to a customer.  Cross-docking makes the most sense when companies or individuals need to move a large volume of product, with a heavy volume, within a tight time frame.

Storage Services

  • Centrally located facilities around the world.
  • Fairs and Events where exhibiting goods under bond is now no longer permitted under the new EU regulations.
  • Climate and temperature controlled rooms.
  • CCTV, smoke detection and fire suppression systems.
  • State of the art fire and security systems.
  • Racking for easy access.
  • Photographic inventory management system.
  • Sole-use warehouses.
  • Bar-code and online photographic inventory procedures.

Bespoke Packing

No matter the destination Hedley's Group packing teams understand the items they move. Old or new, your valuables get all the protection they need. 

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Collections Management

Hedley's Group provides personalized administration so you can track your prized fine art and valuable collectibles all in one place.

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